Electronic Communication FAQ


(e-statement, e-notice, e-disclosure)


  • Provides quicker access to your statements, notices and disclosures for review purposes. Illustration: You detect fraudulent activity on your account. Rather than catching the illegal activity when you receive your paper statement in the mail, you can identify it days earlier when viewing your secure electronic statement, saving you time and money.
  • Helps deter fraud – no more paper statements, notices or certain disclosures coming in the mail.
  • FREE for Internet Banking Users.
  • View up to 12 months of statements and check images or notices from anywhere you have Internet Access.
  • It’s convenient and safe.
  • There is easy and convenient storage of your statements and notices online.
  • Online statements, notices and disclosures can be downloaded and saved giving you another level of backup.
  • There’s less clutter because paper is eliminated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is electronic communication (e-statement, e-notice, e-disclosure)?
    This is the electronic delivery of your bank statement, notice or certain disclosures that you may receive regarding your account or transactions within your account. Your paper statements, notices and disclosures are replaced with electronic versions that you can download, save or print.

  3. How do I enroll in electronic communications?
    You must first be enrolled in on-line banking and then you must read and accept the terms and conditions of the Electronic Communications Agreement provided online. Then you will submit the Electronic Communications Enrollment form either by emailing the completed form to enrollment@fcbva.com or returning it to one of our convenient office locations.

  5. 3. Is there a fee to receive electronic communications?
    There is no fee to enroll for this service.

  7. Will I still receive paper statements, notices or disclosures if I enroll in electronic communications?
    You will no longer receive paper statements or notices. Also, certain account disclosures may be provided electronically when you enroll.

  9. How will I know when my electronic statement or notice is available and how do I view it?
    Every statement or notice cycle, we will send you an email stating that your statement or notice is ready to review online. You will then log onto Internet Banking using your Access ID and Password. You will click on the desired account; then on the “documents” tab. You should then click on the appropriate month’s statement or notice you wish to view.

  11. How long can I view my statements or notices online?
    Statements and notices will be available online for 12 months after the statement or notice cycle date.

  13. Will I be able to save my statements, notices or disclosures?
    Yes. You can save your electronic communications to your hard drive, to a disk or print them.

  15. What accounts or transactions are eligible for electronic communications?
    This service is available for a Demand Deposit Account; Savings Account, Certificate of Deposit and Loan Account and may include statements for these accounts in addition to payment notices, maturity notices, past due notices, non sufficient fund (NSF) notices, returned/paid item notices, redeposited item notice or credit back notice, IRA notices and any other type elected by bank management.

  17. If I need a copy of my original statement or notice, how can I get one?
    Simply contact a Customer Service Representative at one of our convenient office locations and we will get a copy out to you in the mail. Paper copies are subject to the standard duplicate fee as provided in your Account Agreement and Disclosure.

  19. What if I enroll for electronic communications and want to change back to paper documents?
    You can elect to turn your electronic communications off at any time and return to receiving your paper documents by contacting a Customer Service Representative at one of our convenient office locations. You may be charged a $5.00 fee for return to paper statements, notices and documents.
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