Security Statement


Your transactions are absolutely safe. Franklin Community Bank, N.A. works with cutting-edge technology partners to ensure that the most secure environment is made possible for our valued customers. We offer you worry-free Internet banking. You can be completely confident of the following security measures:

Secure Communications

Our system ensures that data-exchanged between your PC and our computers are encrypted with 128-bit encryption – the strongest encryption available. Encryption is accomplished through Secure Sockets Layers (“SSL”), which utilizes mathematical formulas to encrypt or hide information from prying eyes on the Internet. Additionally, if SSL detects that data was added or deleted after you sent it to the bank, the connection will be severed in order in order to guard against any tampering. The most popular browsers have the SSL security feature included. How can you tell if your browser is secure? Click here..

Secure Environment

Our computer system does not connect directly to the Internet. It is isolated from the network via a ‘firewall.’ A firewall is a combination of software and hardware products that designate parameters, and control and limit the access that outside computers have to the banks’ internal networks and databases. You can feel secure knowing that our firewall protects your personal information from unauthorized access.

Secure Login

We have upgraded our security features for online banking. Security image with phrase has been replaced with Extended Validation (EV) certificates. When you go to the login page you should see a green bar similar to the picture below. This gives you a visual confirmation that the website is valid. In addition, EV certificates provide a special field that appears with the name of the legitimate website owner (Fiserv, Inc.). Each browser displays the EV certificate differently. The sample below is from Internet Explorer.

EV cert

The system also checks for invalid logins and automatically disallows a user after three invalid attempts. This prohibits the ‘hacker’ from gaining access to our system, thus protecting your accounts. Your accounts continue to be protected through advanced device forensics that seamlessly authenticate your computer and various devices.

Login Security

The Client agrees to take appropriate steps to ensure that all User ID’s, Tokens, PINs, Authentication Methods and any other applicable security procedures are protected and kept confidential.  Keep your Access I.D. safe, memorize it and never tell it to anyone. Make sure no one watches you enter your login information and always close your browser when leaving the computer. Make sure you regularly scan your computer for viruses that could be used to capture password keystrokes. You ultimately hold the key to your login security.

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