Our Heritage

 Franklin Community Bank appears fairly recently on a historic timeline of Franklin County. We opened in 2002 in a storefront office in the Rocky Mount Marketplace. That doesn’t mean our history hasn’t been exciting. 

Our growth has been well beyond our expectations. In the summer of 2003, we moved from our storefront location into a state-of-the-art banking facility on a corner lot in the Rocky Mount Marketplace. While the architecture of our buildings pay homage to the tradition of our region, our banking offices represent significant investments in the most up-to-date banking technology. There are also areas that clearly reflect our connection to Franklin County…like paintings from local artists and our meeting rooms that are often used by local community groups. In April of 2004 we extended our service by opening an office at Westlake Towne Center to better serve the Smith Mountain Lake area. We continued our growth in the summer of 2007 by opening an office in Union Hall (Southlake). We now have three locations across the county.

 In a time of sweeping change in the banking industry, we’re committed to remaining steadfast in our commitment to our clients. Ironically, though we are a relatively new financial entity, virtually every major financial institution that was in existence in Rocky Mount at the time we were chartered has undergone a major merger or restructuring.

 One of the most important parts of our history has nothing to do with our corporate charter or our building. Our people are connected to our area in many individual ways. From Scout Masters to choir members, almost everyone in our organization has a long-term relationship with our area.

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